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Entity background allows you to attach images and parallax images to entity types.


Each sub-module has their own set of dependancies please review the README.txt.


While this modules is in alpha, there will be no database upgrade support.


Check out our Paragraphs demo site to see this module in action.

Known Issues

Parallax not appearing.

Some style changes may be required to get the Parallax to work. You may need to remove a few background colors on parent DIVs. Please read "Under The Hood". on the parallax library page.

To get parallax working with the Bartik theme, you'll need to remove the CSS background from #page-wrapper and #page.

I've created a GIF (4.8 mb) that shows which backgrounds need to be removed on Bartik to get the parallax working.

Entity Selector Class

The module attaches a background to entities by using CSS classes in the DOM. To get this working for Paragraphs, we had to add a unique class to each paragraph item, for example, paragraphs-item-23. The Paragraphs module doesn't add any unique class to paragraph items so we added a little glue code into the Paragraphs pack module. We're trying to get this bit of code committed into Paragraphs.

To get this CSS class added to the DOM you have two options: install Paragraphs pack (just paragraphs_pack.module) or patch Paragraphs module using #2427547: Identification of paragraphs item by its id.

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