Basic E-news was created for users that want to use Drupal to generate e-mail newsletters, but wish to use a third-party delivery provider such as VerticalResponse. The module allows administrators to define "e-news" or "newsletter" content types, and easily export those content types in both HTML and plain text formats.

Basic E-news provides a global "e-news" template and content type specific templates so that themers can customize their markup for newsletter broadcasts while maintaining a "live" website version of their newsletter or newsletters.

Other features

  • Administrators can choose which .CSS files to include for each newsletter template.
  • All css is "inlined" and all links and image source urls are converted to absolute links


Basic E-news uses the emogrifier class to transport provided CSS style definitions to in-line style attributes. This creates two basic server configuration requirements.

  • PHP 5
  • The DOM extension.


  1. Download and install Basic E-news module (see: Installing contributed modules).
  2. Download the emogrifier class and unpack it within enews/emogrifier so that the directory structure is
  3. [optional]: To override the default enews template, copy enews.tpl.php to your site's theme(s) directory
  4. [optional]: Add enews-specific regions to your theme's .info file, and edit the newsletter content type to include these regions.

Basic E-news module development is sponsored by Message Agency.

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