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Note: As of 2010/03/14, this module appears to no longer be supported. If you are interested in taking this module over, or you as the module maintainer feel this message has been posted in error, please reply to #581952: Endless Page seems abandoned.

A module for creating an AJAX content display - loading new content as you scroll to the bottom of the page. Much like ie Google Reader. You can see the module in action on my blog (Som might find the blog NSFW).


The module uses jQuery, and requires the jQ module.
For views integration, you will need Views 2.1 or newer.

How to use the module

Without the Views integration

Simply call the endless_page_create() function, and define an array of node IDs to use.

With the Views integration

In the settings of your view, choose Endless View as you style plugin. You should set Items per page to 0 if you want the page to be truly endless.

Example use

This is an example on how to use the module without Views. More examples are included in the endless_page.module file.

// Get all nodes of type Story with status published
$result = db_query(db_rewrite_sql("SELECT nid FROM {node} WHERE status = 1 AND type = 'story' ORDER BY nid DESC")); 

// Add all nodeIDs to an array
$nid = array();
$i = 0;
while( $n = db_fetch_object($result) ) {
	$nid[$i] = $n->nid;
// Create the endless page using default settings
return endless_page_create($nid);	 


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