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#D7AX - I pledge to make this theme as accessible as it can be. If you find any flaws, please submit an issue. Help me fix them if you can.

Revolution Elements is a dark, two-column theme with unique style that showcases images alongside the text of recent posts on the homepage.

The theme is based on the old site of well-known WordPress designer Jason Schuller for his website WP Elements. This theme was originally made by Revolution for Wordpress and ported to Drupal by Nicolas Borda.


Admin module support

CCK Link field support: To enable this set a title of one or two words and add the class button to the field configuration. Butttons have hover, active and visited states on one CSS sprite.

This theme was featured in these blog posts:

**NOTE: The beta release was possible because of the sprint we had at Invasion Drupal Peru, December 2009, specially the help that kick ass up and coming Drupal dev marvil07 gave me on a major bug.

Sites running a modified version of Elements Theme:


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