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Eldir is a Drupal theme that provides the default UI design and layout for the Aegir Hosting System. Explore Aegir's other components with the links above.

From Wikipedia:

In Norse mythology, Eldir (Old Norse "fire-stoker") is a servant of Ægir.

Eldir is a theme designed for use with the Ægir Hosting System. It is a minimal (nearly CSS-only) theme that focuses on components provided by the Hosting module and a clean administrative UI.

Note: the 1.x version of the theme is shipped directly with the hostmaster install profile for historical reasons. Only the 3.x version is developed here. See #1468874: Split Eldir back out to a stand-alone project for more details.


If you want to develop the Eldir theme without a full Aegir install, then have a look at for a simple install profile that can get you started with all the common hostmaster elements.


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