This module allows CCK fields to be edited on a node's display (e.g. at node/123), not just on the node edit pages (e.g. node/123/edit). It also works within views etc. Anywhere a 'formatter' can be selected, you can select editable (or click to edit).

This module has been totally re-written for Drupal 6, and it is very much simpler.

Unless you want to help testing/developing the 3.x branch of this module, please use 6.2 version of this module.

Drupal 6

For Drupal 6, you may now use the normal mechanisms in both content type fields and view fields to select that a field should be 'editable'. If you have the correct permissions, the corresponding field will be displayed in it's editable state. This is done using ajax (and javascript), which means if the users browser has not got that enabled, then fields will not show as editable - sorry.

When a field is not shown as editable (because of permissions, or no javascript) then the default display is used.

Short how-to:

  • Create yourself a content type.
  • Add a field.
  • In the content type's "display fields" tab, edit the display of the field for e.g. 'full node' to be editable.
  • Create a new node of this content type and save it.
  • Now go and visit this node. You will find that you can edit the field.
  • Likewise you can select editable as a display type in a view.

Note - to handle javascript correctly that can be used in fields (e.g. the date-picker popup), you will need a recent copy of ajax_load

Also note - for Drupal 6 you no longer need 'ajaxeditable' as it's functionality has become part of editablefields.

(Finally, please note that the 'feature' in the drupal 5 version of this module that allowed a form to be added to the bottom of a view no longer exists - that should be covered by other modules, not this one).

Drupal 5

This module enables you to select individual fields in a view and make them editable. At the end of the view, a form is printed out to enable you to add a new element. You could use this, for instance, to add items to a shopping cart, allowing the user to change the "number of" for items already added.

To do:

  • make it all AJAX'y, so that only the minumum updates are performed when the user submits either of the forms. DONE
  • Combine this with viewcalc

See Ajaxeditable for Ajax editing

See for a discussion of the development of this module.

EXACTLY what is shown normally in a CCK "edit" context is shown when you edit a field in the view.

Note - ONLY editable fields are editable - think about a computed cck field, if you want it to be updated, you better make it editable!

To use this module, install it, create a content type with some cck fields, create a view, of type editable table or editable list. Show some of the CCK fields in the view, and then select the "editable" option for the CCK fields....

There is a new version (3.0) which has a lot of new features, and may have lots of new bugs

  • The auto node title patch is in
  • It's now possible to select to have a "bottom form" or not
  • The bottom form is now placed inside a table,
  • some other bug fixes

    The part of the form which is not present in the table is placed in it's own table row, within a frameset which is then marked as collapsible, and collapsed - in short - it disappears.

One of the features of this release is that it now works well with a solution to the view_calc "problem".
Have a look at view_of_views

Known problems:

  • The elements of a form that are not listed in a view are put into a collapsible block. If that block has a name, then the form doesn't work. This is a symptom of a much deeper problem. There should be one form, and one table.In fact there are two of each, and it's a bit of a mess. To clean this up means re-organizing the code - any volunteers!
  • form elements that have collapsible components, or other complications, seem to fail - possibly for exactly the same reason.

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