Allows freeform text sections to be edited individually, like MediaWiki / Wikipedia.

When a node is being viewed as a page by a user with permission to edit the node, this module adds [edit] links floated to the right of all headings in the body (see image).

Clicking on an [edit] link goes to a page where the content from that heading to the next same-level-or-higher heading can be edited in isolation.

The creation of node revisions is supported.


  • Goto Administer › Site configuration › Input formats.
  • Click on 'configure' for the input format you want [edit] links to appear on.
  • Enable the 'Edit section' filter and click 'Save configuration'.
  • Click on 'configure' again for the same input format as before and then goto the 'Rearrange' tab.
  • Put 'Edit section' at or near the top of the list. Only 'Line break convertor' should be higher, otherwise it will push the [edit] <span> into its own <p>. Any filters that could add or remove <h?> tags should be below 'Edit section' or it will malfunction.
  • Click 'Save configuration'.
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