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Edgy allows site builders to display Paragraph items edge-to-edge. It does this by controlling the placement of the .container Bootstrap class.

Using a combination of Paragraphs, Panelizer and Edgy, site builders can create powerful edge-to-edge landing pages. Bootstrap is not a requirement and any theme can be used, however, just make sure you have a container class which centers content.

We use Edgy only with Bootstrap 3 using the Radix theme.



  • Edgy style plugin for Panelizer.
  • Edgy boxton layout for Panelizer.
  • "Edgy one column" layout for Display Suite.
  • Customise container class name via "admin/config/system/edgy".


Please review the README.txt for up-to-date documentation.


While this modules is in alpha, there will be no database upgrade support.


Check out our Paragraphs demo site to see this module in action.

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