This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module is deprecated in favor of Node access product

Provides 'Node Access' settings for product nodes, whereby users who purchase the product are granted view access to content, which can be predefined either by category, by node, or by view.

Define nodes which have 'purchasable access'; these nodes cannot be seen by anyone except for the Author, Administrators, and anyone who purchases the relevant 'Node Access' product. 'Node Access' products grant view access to 'purchasable access' nodes, either by categories, by specific nodes, or by a view.

If the 'Node Access' product is also an 'EC Recurring' product, then view access will be granted for nodes published during the period of the recurring purchase. Therefore this can be used to create a subscription system to your website.

This module is unlike EC Role where a user is granted a new level of access to the site, in this module the user is given access to only the specific nodes chosen by the content administrator on the add/edit page of the product, so purchasing different products can give access to different sections of the site.

This module is sponsored by tiPythia - financial tip marketplace.

Drupal 6 and Ubercart

This project is continued in Drupal 6 as Node Access Product, which also supports Ubercart products.

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