A module which allows user to create/manage cron jobs saved at easycron.com (an online cron Job service provider) to run Drupal site's cron.php. With the module, all cron job settings can be made at your Drupal site's backend (no need to configure at easycron.com).

How it works

After registering an account on easycron.com, you can get an API token. By entering this token into the settings page of Easy cron module in your Drupal site's backend, you can manage a webcron at there. This webcron will call your cron.php automatically according to the setting. The minimum interval of two calling actions can be as low as 1 minute. You can enable the "Email me" option to receive email notices from easycron.com about the status of your cron.php execution. "Log execution" option tells easycron.com to log the response of the URL calling, so that you can check the logs in easycron.com's account page and make sure your cron.php is running good.

Project information