This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Easy Authcache is module that makes authcache implementation easy,faster and makes it comportable with drupal community modules.

Created & developped by ADYAX

Advantages of module differs it from Authcache:

1. It makes unnessary for developer to write client side callbacks for authcache module (js functions).
2. Makes server side callback as hook (drupal style).
3. Includes all modules.
4. Handle js files and settings, needed for retrived with ajax html, on final page.
5. Handle url context dependent code.
6. Provide api to handle theme functions, you need, with authcache.

Disadvantages of module differs it from Authcache:

1. Makes bootstrap FULL on authcache ajax callback. That can make slowly then authcache manual implementation.
2. Can lose some js Drupal.settings after authcache ajax result.
3. Higher, then for manual authcache implementation can be, load on client side (js code).


To install Easy authcache

  • Install required modules (common way - Authcache)
  • Add Easy authcache module drupal contrib modules dir (usual /sites/all/modules).
  • Copy authcache_custom.php file from easy_authcache/_authcache/authcache_custom.php to authcache/ajax/ and change (authcache/ajax/authcache.php:str 42) to include authcache_custom.php, if needed.
  • Enable Easy authcache and it's plugins you need in drupal admin part url /admin/build/modules/list
  • Config Easy authcache and/or it's plugns (some of them needs Easy Authcache UI module enabled to config).

Modules Required

Modules support

Support Pressflow

Easy authcache 2

Easy authcache 2 change the architecture to make it flexible and extendable.

Easy authcache - is the core provided api for extentions.

There are 2 types of extentions now:


- modules that provide way to include dynamic html
ESI - supported (alpha)
Authcache - supported (alpha)
SSI - planned


- provide integration with one of drupal modules
Blocks - supported (alpha)
Comments - planned
Plus1 - planned
Views - planned

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