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WARNING: The functionality of this module can be achieved in a lot better way using Views Slideshows, which is a fantastic module (I use it all the time). This module is nice to get the easySlider plugin, but if you're an end user you're better off using Views Slideshows. To use this module, you need good knowledge of ImageCache, CCK, Views and CSS.

This module integrates the amazing and light jQuery EasySlider plugin with your list views. Easy Slider enables images or any content to slide horizontally or vertically on click. It is configurable with css alone. So, basically you link to plugin file, set the content up and style it with css.

Dependencies for 6.1-x

* Views (

Installation for 6.1-x

1) Place this module directory in your modules folder (this will usually be

2) Enable the module.

3) Make a view named easyslider and set the type to List, you will need to add fields, at least add a node title or body, best suited for images.

Installation for 6.2-x

1) Place this module directory in your modules folder (this will usually be

2) Enable the module.

3) Set the image fields you want to use easySlider with, to the easySlider cck display formatter.

Known Issues for 5.1-x & 6.1-x

The most important thing in 6.1-x is naming your view easySlider. Make sure you set the view you want to use to List View and add some fields, at least the Node title and Node body. I would recommend to unclick Use pager, and either set the Nodes per page to either 0, or the number of nodes you have in the view. If you set a number greater to the nodes available in the view you will see some empty slides.

The biggest bug found in the module is that you get additional empty slides, because the jQuery plugin considers each nested elements (like divs) inside list items additional slides. This will be fixed soon when the jQuery plugin supports nested items, you can follow the comments on the author's blog or this modules issue queue to see the progress. This problem only seems to happen in the Drupal 5 version.

This module should only be used in a development environment.

The EasySlider Plugin was written by Alen Grakalic and can be found in his cssglobe blog:

For Drupal 5: jQuery Update ( dependency. In the Drupal 5 version you don't need to name your view easyslider, but the slider get's applied to all the list views.

Known Drupal 5 issues: EasySlider gets applied to list views in blocks and breaks the layout of your site. If you don't have list views in blocks, don't worry about this.

EasySlider will get applied to all your list views, this is considered a strength by the author, but other users would want to apply it to only some views. This will be solved in the official release of the module that will probably work more like a views plugin where you can set view type: easySlider.

EasySlider is being developed into a views plugin so expect a beta release before you use it on any site. This module is currently for testing purposes only, although it's being used in a live site:

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