DvG is the "Drupal voor Gemeenten" distribution developed specifically for Dutch municipalities. DvG is built around the top tasks model, putting easy and efficient online services front and center.


DvG contains features and functionality specifically needed by Dutch local governments. For example:

  • Webrichtlijnen V2 compliant (Dutch WCAG 2.0 accessibility standard)
  • DigiD V4 authentication using SimpleSAMLphp
  • Ogone payment integration
  • Appointments interface
  • Q-matic Suite 4 integration
  • JCC Gplan integration
  • DataB documentbase integration (DigiD required)
  • Samenwerkende Catalogi XML feed
  • Crisis functionality (banner/blocks and liveblog)
  • Safety region crisis banner "Midden- en West-brabant" integration.
  • Encryption for privacy sensitive information, including uploaded files.
  • A complete Town council structure / content-types
  • Support for HTML email
  • Support for multi-domain solutions


We have founded an association to support and develop the DvG distribution. Find the current list of members on our site.

We are actively looking for more municipalities and Drupal developers to use the distribution and participate in developing additional functionality, modules, or themes. Get in touch!


Always check the release notes for changes or actions. See the update section in the documentation for further instructions.

Updating to version 1.0 and using domains?
Please take note of #2835715: Incorrect variable names for functional content on multiple domains.

Updating from a beta version to? Please read the release notes for some important changes.

Drupal 8

Now that we have a stable 1.0 version, we are ready to start looking into a plan for a Drupal 8 version.

More information

More information (in Dutch) about the project can be found at www.drupalvoorgemeenten.nl


Tags: government, distribution, Dutch, Nederland, Nederlands, gemeente

Supporting organizations: 
Initiated and funded initial release
Maintenance and development
Maintenance and development

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