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DrupalPeople serves a csv list of Drupal user IDs on /drupalpeople

The intention is to show people that have Drupal user IDs that were involved in the implementation of the website (on any level).

It's a very simple module.

Why not YAML, JSON or another format?

CSV is the most compact and still human editable format for this purpose. The idea is to just reference a Drupal.org UID and have the Drupal Person's user profile page speak for itself as it often serves as a Drupal CV for participation in the Drupal community and project.

Alternatives / Similar

  • Humans.txt
    If you want to be more elaborate about the nature of involvement of people and link to more than just the Drupal.org user page of a user. It is an implementation of humanstxt.org


For now, it's data is parsed to present Drupal People on TopDrops.org. TopDrops.org also highlights Drupal People that have Individual or Organisational membership to the Drupal Association in different colours.

If you make use of the /drupalpeople data or module, generate an issue and I'll add it to the description page here.

Changes and Updates

I'm open to suggestions and will implement changes and update Drupal People actively. Feel free to even just say hi or complain ;-)

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