The module connects any Drupal 7 site with As the name says, Drupalmonitor is a tool to actively monitor Drupal sites. It's not only a "heartbeat" kind of monitoring. It's much more powerful. Using the drupalmonitor connector, the tool can gather data from the drupal site like how many users, nodes, last cron run, page requests, etc. On, the data will be processed and shown in graphs over time.

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You need to create an account on and add the page you want to monitor. There are no additional libs or other Drupal modules needed.



  • Go to Configuration » System »
  • Important: You have to set "access drupalmonitor api" permission for anonymous user
  • You can set a security hash.
  • You can enable or disable drupalmonitor connector to log performance data.


Drupalmonitor connector module offers a hook_drupalmonitor(). Most recent documentation can be found on


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