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Based on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
jQuery Mobile Front End

DrupalGap is an open source application development kit for Drupal websites. It can be used to easily build custom mobile apps, and web apps for Drupal websites.

Home page: http://www.drupalgap.org
Dev kit: https://www.github.com/signalpoint/DrupalGap

Important Patch (optional)

If you plan on using an autocomplete in your app for an entity reference or taxonomy term reference field, you'll need to download and install the dev release of the Services module and then apply this patch - re: #2403645: Add Support for Custom Query Conditions on Entity Index Resources - You can use these terminal commands to perform the patch:

# cd www/sites/all/modules
# rm -rf services
# drush dl services --dev
# cd services
# wget https://www.drupal.org/files/issues/index_conditions-2403645-7.patch
# patch -p1 < index_conditions-2403645-7.patch


Application Development Kit

Developers can create custom multi-platform applications that communicate with their Drupal websites.

By utilizing HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (with jQuery Mobile), one set of code can be written, and then the app can be deployed across a wide variety of platforms (Android, iOS) and devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile).

Looking for a pure JavaScript library for Drupal? Checkout jDrupal.

Mobile Applications (Android, iOS, etc)

The DrupalGap application development kit, along with PhoneGap, can be used to create custom mobile applications for Android and iOS devices, that communicate with your Drupal website. (learn more)

Web Applications (FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc)

The DrupalGap application development kit can be used to create web based applications for Drupal websites. This allows any modern browser to run a web application powered by a Drupal website. (learn more)

Headless Drupal

Thinking of building a headless Drupal site? The DrupalGap application development kit's features are supported out-of-the-box and ready for the headless experience. (learn more)

Drupal Module

This module allows applications built with DrupalGap to communicate with Drupal websites. The DrupalGap module (for Drupal 7) depends on the Services and Views Datasource modules.

#D8CX: I pledge that DrupalGap will have a full Drupal 8 release on the day that Drupal 8 is released. Drupal 6 is no longer supported. "Why?"

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