This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Drupal Wrappers is an api module meant to "help" developers do totally awesome stuff. Imagine a module that took all those "PHPisms" and turned them into drupal functions with proper naming patterns and a look/feel just like the rest of Drupal. That's what Drupal Wrappers does.

Some functions within Drupal Wrappers worth checking out:

drupal_sorta_equals() - This function checks if to things are sorta equal to
each other. But, because we can never be too sure if two things are always
equal and you may want that to change on some site there is an alter hook
that lets us change our minds.

drupal_add_numbers() - Adds all the numbers passed in together. It's not like
other addition that use base 10 and the + operator. This function talks the way
computers talk which is in bits. This function does the addition using bitwise.

Note, this module has a dependency on bad_judgement.

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