Drupal RETS Real Estate Framework (dRealty) is a Real Estate Module to import Listings into Drupal via the RETS protocol. It is a full fledged real estate solution for Drupal.

dReatly offers the following functionality:

  • Provides an interface to define multiple RETS service connections.
  • Provides an interface to Setup a MLS feed, allowing a user to import real estate listings into the Drupal system.
  • The module leverages the power of Entities, they are field-able!
  • Users have the ability to update and flush their MLS feeds on demand
  • Integration with CTools to provide Importing and Exporting of connections
  • Drush integration takes the load off of the old methods of using hook_cron.

Required Modules

To import data / manually flush data, you'll need to use drush.

To import use the drush command: rets-import (ie: drush -u admin -d rets-import)
To flush you use the drush command: rets-flush (ie: drush -u admin -d rets-flush)


dRealty Sites

Curious about seeing dRealty in action? Check out some of the beautiful sites below.

Development sponsored by Inclind, Inc.

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