DraggableViews makes rows of a view "draggable" which means that they can be rearranged by Drag'n'Drop.

Have you ever rearranged Blocks?, sorted Taxonomy terms? or reordered Menu items at the Drupal administration pages? All these pages use the tabledrag.js javascript that enables Drag'n Drop on HTML-tables.

With DraggableViews you can apply this tabledrag.js to any Views-generated table.


  • Order any type of entity
  • Set different order for different set of arguments
  • Create one view that sets the order, and create as many views as you like that shows that order
  • Use core tabledrag.js or jQuery UI draggable javascripts to set the order

Current Development

The goal is to:

  • add features that were in 7.x-2.x into the next D8 release.
  • add features that did not make into 7.x-2.x into the D8
  • add additional testing and documentation on how to use this module for D8

8.x-1.x branch

Thanks to podarok this module has been ported. This branch is currently being activity developed.

Next Release 8.x-1.1

See: #2906059: Plan for Draggable Views 8.x-1.1 release

7.x-2.x branch

This branch is complete rewrite of the module and uses field form Views functionality. So now we can build our draggableviews with adding field. In first instance this branch won't support building tree structure. Only dragging items for reordering.

Next Release 7.x-2.2

See: #2445089: Plan for Draggable Views 7.x-2.2 release


Please check README.txt and for more information.
Most of handbooks and information is about 7.x-1.x branch that is deprecated.

Other Resources

You may wish to read the comparison page for node ordering modules.

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