The download_count module tracks downloads of private files attached to nodes via the core upload or contributed filefield modules for d6 and private core file fields for d7.

D7 Version

NOTE: this module requires Drupal version 7.22 due to a recent bug fix (#1143460: hook_file_download_access_alter missing entity argument). Please verify you are using version 7.22 or greater before creating an issue.

This ended up being a complete rewrite that drastically cleans up and simplifies the module. Until recently, this module required a core patch or dev version due to a core bug which has since been fixed. An official release will be forthcoming shortly.

Also, now that views support has been added, if anyone creates a nice view be sure to submit an export to the issue queue for consideration for inclusion as a default view!


NOTE: Downloads are NOT counted for the administrative user (user 1).

  • flood control
  • 'skip download counts' permission
  • integrated csv export ability.
  • download_count_statistics submodule - provides daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly statistics as well as support for the jquery sparkline plugin.
  • complete views support including field, filter, and sort handlers as well as 2 sample views.
  • basic rules integration.
  • no longer requires the global 'private' download method setting at admin/settings/file-system. It will still work with the private setting as before, but will also work with individually protected folders (as described at or Also confirmed to work with the and modules.
  • works with both core upload and contributed filefield modules.
  • stores complete file download history.
  • provides four blocks: top downloaded files, top downloaded users, top downloaders, and top nodes of file downloads.
  • ability to export data to many other formats (ie csv, xml, rdf, json, etc) via the views, views_bonus, and views_datasource modules.
  • Reset links for individual downloads as well as all downloads.
  • Collects ip address and referrer ($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) for individual downloads.

6.x-2.x Version

The module has been completely rewritten and now tracks the node id, node revision id, file id, datetime, ip address, referrer, and user id of the downloading user for individual file downloads. This allows for a much more complete download history and analysis.

Previous Versions

Support for previous versions is limited to bug fixes and security issues for the 6.x-1.x version. At some point in time, after an official release for the 2.x version, 1.x support will be discontinued completely so you might want to think about planning for a migration to the new version. The 2.x branch is not backwards compatible with the 1.x version and there is no upgrade path at this point (and there very well may never be).

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