This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This allows administrators of existing Drupal sites to mass migrate nodes to their own subdomains. this module requires the Domain Access module to work.

The module envisions 2 ways to migrate:

  • Choose books on your site, and migrate all nodes on each book to their own domain (this is tested and working well)
  • Choose taxonomy terms on your site, and migrate all nodes tagged with that taxonomy to their own subdomain (the code has been written, but it needs an extra push to get it fully functional - patches welcome)

The book option allows for quite a few additional options:

  • Automatically change aliases and generate .htacess rules to ensure smooth redirection: very good for moving 'subfolders' to subdomains
  • Allows author of top book node to be assigned a role on subdomain

Other options:

  • Set domain language and assign all nodes and aliases to that language
  • Make manual changes to domain prefixes and sitenames before final migration

Note: please back up your database before attempting any migrations.

Module developed by Vasudeva Server

Drupal 7 version sponsored by Druler

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