This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

DLSconnect module allows to intgrate drupal with DLS (Distance Learning System) Servers.


This is a very special module and maybe used for only one or a few customers of the company e/t/s (see DLS-link above). But it's a demonstration of a strategy to secure SOAP communications with short time passwords which are pushed into a LDAP database where the DLS Server is checking the passwords from the other side.
For the LDAP operations the API of LDAPcontrol module can be used if installed. With a custom hook the LDAP server controling can be handled on another way maybe with direct PHP LDAP functions.
Additionally some customizing can only be made by hooks in a custom module. And a function to rebuild and/or repair the LDAP data of this module are only accessible with drush:


+ Special short time password handling to secure SOAP communications.
+ Drupal users can join DLS groups by assigning to group nodes.
+ DLS client users are automatic created with joining of a DLS group of its DLS client.
+ DLS access can be handled with content access maybe with organic groups.
+ Single sign on/one time login links as only way to access DLS server vor drupal DLS client user.
+ Complete rebuild of DLS Data in LDAP with drush.
+ customize actions e.g. status, warning and error with hook_dlsconnect_actions()


objectclasses "person" and "organizationalUnit" have to be installed on LDAP server.
CCK module

Future Plans?

This is a drupal 6 module because it was developed for a drupal 6 platform. If someone wants to use this on drupal 7 or needs other features feel free to post an issue for feature request.


This module was developed to provide offer users of Q-Online joining assigned groups on DLS servers.
Q-Online is a german community website, which is developed and currently maintained by Duisburg Learning Lab ( from the University of Duisburg-Essen ( as part of the project “E-Learning 2.0 in vocational training” funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research ( and the European Social Fund ( The project seeks to develop a community portal for alumnis from vocational education which supports informal learning and offers lifelong learning opportunities (

The module is developed and tested with Open LDAP ( on Ubuntu 10.4 LTS.

The module is developed and maintained by Carsten Logemann (Company: e.K.)

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