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Dependent Field Settings

I've moved on from Drupal Development work now, and so unfortunately i need to abandon this module. If anyone is interested on reviving it, please let me know through my contact form.

Currently there is an incompatibility with newer versions of jQuery installed by the jquery_update module. In order to use this you need to install the patch from this post.

The Dependent Fields module (formerly AHAH Dependent Fields) allows cck based fields to specify another field as a controller field, and react to its changes on the form using AHAH/AJAX without the form re-loading.

A common use case for this will be Dependent Node Reference fields, where the dependent field changes depending on what is selected in the Controller field. This behaviour will be supported, in fact that was the primary reason for starting development.

This module also supports Features, so all fields and content types added to a feature will retain the dependent field information.

Example Usage

A music site has three content types - Artist, Album and Track. An Album contains a nodereference field for Artist, and a Track contains a nodereference field for Artist and Album. When adding a track, first you pick the Artist and then this module, via AHAH, updates the Album list to only contain the Albums from the selected artist rather than from all artists.

See animated gif of module in action.

Current Field Implementations

This module currently works with the following fields

  • Node Reference Field (part of CCK)
  • Text Field (part of CCK)
  • Number Field (part of CCK)
  • Markup Field (6.x-1.x-dev only)
  • Markup View Field (6.x-1.x-dev only)

Author & Sponsor

This module was created by Radiant Flow and sponsored by Spirit Library


This module is in the early stages of development - while most things should work, somethings WILL change and other things may be broken. Make sure you take a backup first and do not use on a production site!


* content (part of CCK)
* At least one field type from text, number & node reference


  • Each field may only have one controller field
  • If a controller field has 2 or more dependent fields, then the module reorganizes the form to bring together the controlled fields underneath the controller field.
  • If multi level dependencies are being used, i.e. and controlled field is also a controller, then reorganization with also take place.

Similar Modules

For information on the differences between this module and Conditional Fields, please read the following issue:

#979606: Please state differences from conditional_fields & Hierarchical Select Node Reference modules

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