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Drupal 8 Version
For best results use Drush to export nodes to a specific module. Any node is supported along with its menu links. Path alias is not working yet because of a core bug. Whenever a module with exported content is enabled, its content will be imported. Each node has an export tab which presents the user with a file downoad but only of the node, not of the menu item. In addition a page has been started which lists all the exported content visible to the site. More work is needed on the UI and on language support.

Please update to 7.x-1.0-alpha9 as soon as possible. This release finally fixes #1446714: Fatal error: Call to undefined function context_get_plugin() in modules/defaultcontent/defaultcontent.module, a critical bug.

This module is deprecated in favor of UUID Features Integration, which is more flexible and also supports taxonomy, fields and more. It should also be considered first for new projects. For more information, check out #1869366: Future Plan.


Allows export of select nodes (along with attached images etc.) to a Features exportable.

When the module is installed nodes get optional "machine name" field. Nodes with filled-out machine names automatically become exportable from the Features interface.

It's a great way to publish your installation profiles and distributions with demo and default content features. Integrates well with Node Queue module.


Created and maintained by: Phase2 Technology.
Illustration used on the project page courtesy of Manuel Alvarez - Pintura

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