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This module creates video file entities from YouTube channels. It supports multiple YouTube channels. Provide a field machine name in which YouTube channel name is stored. This module will fetch the needed information from the field's table. Find the setting at "SOURCE OF CHANNELS" section of page admin/config/media/cyoutube.

It imports youtube data like description into entity field. It allows us to set up mapping between downloaded metadata and Drupal fields. Find the setting at "ENTITY FIELD MAPPING" section of page admin/config/media/cyoutube.

It also provides a hook to let us add fields to the created entity. Implement the hook if the local youtube channel related information need to be saved as well.


1) entity
2) file_entity
3) media_youtube

It requires following library:

- Libraries module.
- Google API PHP client library from . Make sure the you can find the composer.json file at sites/all/libraries/google-api-php-client/composer.json

It needs a Google developer key:

Get the developer key from Set the key at "YOUTUBE DEVELOPER CREDENTIAL" section of page admin/config/media/cyoutube.

Why and how we end up building this module?

It is a lightweight replacement of bunch of feeds related module. It will scan through configured field machine name and get a list of youtube channels name and pull videos from those channels regularly and create YouTube video file entities.

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