This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Customer chat module lets you chat with your site's visitors. Privileged users can use the agent dashboard to handle incoming chat requests and chat with customers. Multiple agents can be online simultaneously to accept chats. The module provides a block that conditionally shows a link for visitors to start a chat when agents are online.



  • Install module dependencies listed above.
  • Download Backbone.js and place it in the libraries directory so that the file is at /sites/all/libraries/backbone/backbone.js.
  • Download Underscore.js and place it in the libraries directory so that the file is at /sites/all/libraries/underscore/underscore.js.
  • Go to Configuration/jQuery update (/admin/config/development/jquery_update) and ensure that the default jQuery version is set to 1.8 or higher.
  • Set up Node.js integration. This will involve installing a Node.js server application. Review the configuration to ensure that Node.js is loaded on the customer chat pages (/admin/customer-chat and /customer-chat/*). See the module's documentation for instructions.
  • Install and enable this module. Visit the status page at Reports/Status report (/admin/reports/status) and ensure that there are no errors.
  • Optional: Go to Configuration/Customer chat (/admin/config/system/customer-chat) and select whether the visitor chat interface should show the full site theme, or a minimal page without blocks.
  • Optional: Go to the block configuration page, and place "Customer chat: Start chat block" in the desired region.
  • Optional: Go to People/Permissions (/admin/people/permissions) and configure customer chat permissions as needed.


  • Agents should open the "Agent dashboard" when they are ready to accept incoming chats. The dashboard can be access at /admin/customer-chat, or using the link on the default toolbar.
  • When a visitor initiates a new chat, a new tab will appear on the agent dashboard showing the visitor's name. After selecting the tab, the agent will have an option to either respond to the chat or reject it.
  • When an agent responds to a visitor, that visitor's tab will disappear from other agents' dashboards.
  • The "Dashboard" tab will show a list of all active sessions, including those assigned to other agents. All agents can view any ongoing chat session.
  • Closed chat sessions can be retrieved using the "View past chat sessions" link on the "Dashboard" tab.
  • Site visitors will need to go to /customer-chat/start to initiate a chat. The "Start chat block", if enabled, will show a link to this page whenever there is an agent online. If the block is not enabled, be sure to place a link to this page somewhere on your site so that the visitors can find it.

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