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Notice: as of Nov 4, 2014, Pierre.Vriens has become the maintainer of this CSV Chart module, and recently also became a co-maintainer of the (now depreciated) Google Chart Tools: Image Charts module, as detailed in issue #2368793: Chart 2.0, a module that CSV Charts depends on. Checkout #2367923: Offering to maintain module CSV Chart for details about this transition. Thank you Konstantinos for this interesting "tiny" module that you started!

About CSV Chart

CSV Chart is a tool for content editors, to easily transform data in CSV format into charts using the Google Chart Tools: Image Charts.


Details about using and/or installing CSV Chart are available in its Community Documentation.

For a first impression about charts created with the 5.x-1.x version of this module, checkout these barchart examples (near the bottom of these pages):

Planned upgrades

Stay tuned for the 6x-2.x upgrade and 7x-2.x upgrade of the CSV Chart module.

Community Support

Please post bug reports and feature requests to the CSV Chart issue queue.

Professional support and development services

For professional support and development services contact In Petto.


As of Nov 4, 2014, development and maintenance of CSV Chart is sponsored by In Petto.

Helping out

More maintainers with similar needs are welcome. Alternatively, install the CSV Chart module, build your own charts and contribute them back.


The original 5.x-1.x version of CSV Chart was created by Konstantinos Margaritis. It was possible to do so because of all the contributions in the Custom filter module (previously CCK Computed field) and the Google Chart Tools: Image Charts module.

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