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Counter in Action!

Counter module counts how many visitors on your website. This module provides real time counting. All data saved to database.


  • Count Site Counter per day, minute even second!
  • Count Unique Visitor
  • Count Registered and Unregistered User
  • Count Published and unpublised Node
  • Display Web Server IP and Client IP
  • Report: Client IP, Access Date, Access Page
  • Initial values
  • Visitor Statistic per day, week, month and year!
  • Support Views module
  • Saved fields: nid, content type, browser name, browser version and platform

Information & Performance

  1. You can set delay (in second) before Counter module refresh its data, otherwise data will be read from cache. Read from cache will increase your website performance
  2. You can set delay (in second) before next recording data, this option useful for high volume access (but you may have slow database server), i.e. if you set to 10 second then data will be recorded like this:
    # Counter ID IP Address Created URL
    1 3 2008-06-17 22:05 node/2
    2 8 2008-06-17 22:15 node/1
  3. Configuration page of this Counter module: Administer-Site configuration-Counter settings

Views Integration

You can access Counter data using Views module. Just create a new Views then select Counter as source.


  • xergius: initial values
  • gabble: valid XHTML
  • kosilka: securing code
  • atuyo60: meet Drupal 6 coding standard and use D6 database schema
  • wvd_vegt: show Counter result for administer group only
  • madan879: ported to Drupal 8
Supporting organizations: 
Ported to Drupal 8 and maintaining actively

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