This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

All users of Contrib Toggle are recommended to disable the module from their sites until the critical issues discussed below can be resolved.

I have determined that significant architectural issues with how the previous releases functioned had the potential (if an error occurred) to render a user's site unusable though disabling critical modules, and requiring a restore from backup or manual re-activation of the modules in the database. This was unacceptable to me so I have unpublished the release. I recommend all users disable Contrib Toggle from their sites until an acceptable alternative is found. Changes in Drupal 7 mean that this issue would not occur there, so it is possible that the dynamic module activation features of Contrib Toggle may be able to be re-introduced there even if a satisfactory solution for Drupal 6 cannot be found.

Current issues

There are indications contrib_toggle might be incompatible with modules that have parentheses in their display names [e.g. GetID3()] or in their dependencies, [e.g. Filefield includes Filefield Meta which has a dependency on GetID3()]. Outcomes can include an unusable site if modules are disabled that should not be, when you save the modules page. If you have any modules installed that contain parentheses in their display names, you may wish to disable contrib_toggle until this is clarified.

When upgrading between Drupal core versions (e.g. 6.8 to 6.9) it is recommended that all non-core modules ("contrib modules") are deactivated first. When you have modules with multiple dependencies, this is a needlessly time-consuming and fiddly process. The Contrib Toggle module provides a button on the module configuration page (/admin/build/modules/) to mark all contrib modules for deactivation, reducing this process a simple two-click exercise. Click the "Disable Contrib" button, then click "Save Configuration" to actually disable the modules. Contrib Toggle automatically disables itself in this process.

Between core upgrades, Contrib Toggle also provides an mechanism for dynamic activation and deactivation of modules with dependencies. When Contrib Toggle is active, all modules on the module admin page can be activated and deactivated. Activating a module will prompt you whether you wish to activate any other modules it depends on. Deactivating a module will likewise prompt whether you wish to deactivate any modules that depend on it.

Warning: Disabling all contrib modules may disable key functionality of your site and undermine security provisions beyond those built into Drupal core that you have added using contributed modules. Disabling all contrib modules should therefore only be done when your site is in maintenance mode or if you are sure you know what you are doing.

Latest Version

Contrib Toggle v1.3 (no longer supported—see above): Implements javascript alerts for confirmation of dynamic activation of required modules and deactivation of dependent modules. Note that while Contrib Toggle v1.3 beta 1 used a patched version of jQuery plugins for this functionality, this has now been built directly into Contrib Toggle. jQuery plugins is no longer required by Contrib Toggle.

Inter-module compatibility

I am motivated to proactively test Contrib Toggle against any contributed modules that modify the Drupal's module activation and deactivation form, as they have the potential to be incompatible with Contrib Toggle. If you are aware of any module that modifies that form, please create a "Task" in the Contrib Toggle issue queue providing a link to the module. I will undertake testing and report results, making any changes to Contrib Toggle that may be required to ensure interoperability.

Roadmap for D7:

It is intended that Contrib Toggle v2.0 will provide a facility to store your active modules selection for easy reactivation after the core upgrade.

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