Contextual Tabs

Moves the normal Drupal primary tabs into a drop-down "contextual links" menu to the right of the node title.

Contains configuration to determine which pages are excluded (such as admin*).

There are other modules that attempt to move the tabs into contextual links that mostly all use the Theme layer. This is a module-based approach. In addition, there is configuration flexibility to determine which links to pull out of the config menu as separate buttons.

For example, you can pull the "Edit" link as a separate button, with the "Gear icon" containing the rest of the tabs. You can customize which buttons are pull out of the links on a URL pattern basis. You can also rename links. For example, on a node-edit page you can pull out the normal View tab and rename it as a "Cancel" button for the edit page.

Also contains an alter hook to allow other modules to modify the links, either adding new buttons, or changing/adding the links menu.

NOTE: The drop-down menu is implemented using Bootstrap classes. If you are not using a Bootstrap-based theme you may need to perform some theme and/or javascript work to make the menu work as a drop-down menu. Patches to make this module more generally useful are welcome.

This module is currently used in the Open Atrium 2 distribution via the oa_contextual_tabs module.

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