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This is a module that extends the module context by adding more conditions and reactions.

Provides the following sub modules:


  • cep_negate_path - add condition : Show on every page except the listed pages.
  • context reaction front : add reaction: Enter the path for the default front page.


  • cep_immediate_taxonomy_child : provides a taxonomy condition to check only immediate children of the selected term(s). The condition will not be activated for the selected term's parent(s) or grandchildren.
  • cep_node -- new context condition which takes node id as argument. By default it checks if current page argument $node->nid equals to value. Optionally it can lookup also to $node->tnid - original nid from which was current node translated (thanks to
  • Context condition: theme - Adds a condition for the current active theme (compliments the Context Reaction Theme module).
  • Context condition: node author - Adds a condition based on the node author.
  • Context condition: taxonomy vocabulary - Adds a condition based on the vocabulary of specific term listing pages (thanks to othermachines).

Requires the context 3.x branch

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