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The Content API module is a drop-in solution that publishes all of your Drupal content as web APIs. The module includes a full featured administration interface for choosing which content types and fields to publish. Built on top of the Services module, the module provides all you need to publish web APIs without having to do any programming, even as your site structure and content changes over time.

The Content API module is completely dynamic. It will publish out new content as it is created in Drupal. Additionally, the module is integrated with CCK and will discover new fields as you add them. The Content API module provides granular permissions with seamless CCK integration.

The Content API infrastructure supports a full set of query parameters derived from the fields in each node type, allowing you to search by type, node ID, title, and author, or relationship (including taxonomy term). As new fields and content types are added to Drupal, the Content API module automatically exposes them as query parameters.

What can you do with content APIs?

Publishing your Drupal content as web APIs makes it accessible to any application or platform, while allowing you to continue leveraging Drupal’s strengths as a great Content Management System. Using Drupal and the Content API module, you can easily create a publishing platform that includes multiple websites, applications and mobile apps all using Drupal as a single source of content.

Getting up and running with the Content API module is easy

  1. Simply download the module below and install it on your system (note: you’ll need to install the Services module as well).
  2. Once installed, navigate to the ‘Content API’ section in the Drupal administration section, and select which content types you'd like to publish.
  3. Finally, select which fields you'd like to make available for each content type. That's it -your site content is now available via web APIs.

View Full Documentation in the Content API Handbook

A Multitude of Drupal API Solutions

There are numerous projects which provide API access to content in a Drupal site. We've chosen to extend the Services framework due to its great flexibility.

Why choose Content API:

  • For publishing site content in an API. Because the Content API is a plug-in publishing solution, of the CRUD operations only Read is supported (and Index). There is no support for Create, Update or Delete.
  • Robust query interface. The Content API allows you to find content in a Drupal site. You don't have to know the resource id. For example you can get all "page" node types published between certain dates with a single, simple call.

Development of the Content API Module was sponsored by the FCC as part of its website redesign and built by Seabourne.

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