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This is a very simply module which allows you to define CCK fields for content types which display terms for each given node. Each field you add is "read only". This means there is no addition to the node add/edit form. It just grabs the terms associated with a node and allows you to output them either as inline or block elements (in each case either as plain text or as a hyperlink). If you use one of the inline formatting options, you get a nice "a, b, c and d" style list.

Each field can filter on vocabulary (eg, you could define two fields; one for the Authors vocabulary and the other for generic Tags).

Similar Projects

Content Taxonomy

There is a much larger project, Content Taxonomy. This project allows you to override nearly all the existing taxonomy functionality and, mostly, replace it with CCK (while still maintaining the taxonomy structure in the background).

Term Display

The Term Display module is very similar to this module, and there is an issue open for discussion on merging. Term Display allows you to define weights for vocabularies and render each one within the $content of a node in predefined ways. There are three major advantages with Content Taxonomy Term List over Term Display:

  1. The weight is not arbitrary. With Term Display, you simply set a weight in the vocabulary. With Content Taxonomy Term List, you can set weights relative to other fields on specific content types. For example, you might want your "Tags" vocabulary to be underneath the body field on your Blog nodes, but above the body and below the title on your Book nodes.
  2. You can "group" vocabularies or separate out on each content type. Term Display allows you to define per-vocabulary display settings. Content Taxonomy Term List allows you to define per-vocabulary + per-content-type + per-view-type (full or teaser) display settings. Your blog could have inline comma separated terms, but the books could have a block listing (which you could then theme using CSS, maybe).
  3. Finally, as Content Taxonomy Term List used CCK, its very easy to define a small custom module which defines your own reusable CCK Formatter for this field type. It may be possible to do this for Term Display - but there is no "official" API for it, like there is for CCK.

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