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Petition for Make Poverty History created with the Connect module

We are not looking to upgrade this module to D7 at this time. If someone is interested in porting this module, please let us know.

Connect allows you to easily create very flexible petitions and email or fax campaigns using CCK.

The connect module more generally lets you link 'parent' nodes to 'participant' nodes, and allows the definition of actions to be taken when participant nodes are created, including sending emails to defined or looked-up targets. With the optional Connect CiviCRM module participant information can also be added directly to CiviCRM.

Thus, setting up an online email campaign consists in setting up participant and campaign node types, and then creating a campaign node and assigning the appropriate functions, such as "participate once", "send email", and so on.

We've also extended this module to be able to reference external databases for customized targets. So if you get a postal code from someone in a political riding you can link it with a database containing that postal code's elected official. Unfortunately for many jurisdictions this type of quick lookup isn't available, however we have developed a web service to help support this in Canada.

Users: an extensive "Help" page is provided, and the module provides useful feedback about what settings are required in order for everything to work properly.

Developers: version 2.x uses an extensive system of hooks so that new functions can be easily written to extend almost all of its functionality. (These have been rewritten in the D6 version so that any module can implement hook_connect() to declare new features.)

This project was developed by OpenConcept Consulting Inc. and supported by The Council of Canadians, the Canadian Labour Congress, and Make Poverty History.

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