Rewrite existing configuration during installation

Place any configuration .yml in your module's config/rewrite folder and declare config_rewrite a dependency to your module. Full and partial configuration changes are saved on installation.

Example Config Rewrite


    enabled: false
    enabled: false

The above configuration will partially override lightning_core.settings configuration. This will happen after my_module is installed but before hook_install is run.

Example Config Replace


config_rewrite: replace
name: 'My Site'
slogan: 'This site rules.'
  0: ''
  1: ''
  front: /my-home
admin_compact_mode: false
weight_select_max: 100
langcode: en
default_langcode: en

The above configuration example will replace entirely. The config_rewrite: value must be present at the top and set to replace -- this key/value pair will be stripped to retain config integrity before rewriting is completed.

Some extra notes about overriding versus rewriting configuration files

This module came to be via working on Configuration Tools sub-module config_partial_override - which will actively override configuration at all times.

Configuration Rewrite (config_rewrite) only rewrites config during your module's installation process.

If you want to actively override configuration, consider Configuration Override for full site overrides or Configuration Tools' Configuration Partial Override for module-based overrides.

8.x-2.x dev version

There is a 2.x branch right now that requires a patch for core using module installation events. The 8.x-2.x is considered experimental until this patch is committed: #2350111: Introduce an event to decouple the module installer from the entity manager

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