Allows members of the community to tag content, and tracks who tagged what and when.

The Module has three main features:
1. Stores who tagged what and when.
2. Allows for this information to be exposed with views.
3. Adds an easy AJAX interface for tagging nodes without going to node/edit.

Community tags:

* Stores which user tagged what when.
* Adds new "tag content" permission (does not require node edit permission)
* Comes with a nifty AJAX tagging interface.
* Views Integration.
* Integrates with the Tagadelic module for creating tag clouds of only the current users tags in a vocabulary or all tags in a vocabulary.

Note: Community tags only works with content types assigned free-tagging vocabularies that have been explicitly configured to use community tags. Be sure to read the README for installation instructions.

Note:You should use the latest 6.x-1.x release which no longer requires tagadelic.

Version 2.0

Community Tags 2.0 is almost there! It's very stable in use but the API and configuration mechanism may be subject to change.

New features already in are:

* Substantial re-write. Now more flexible, faster, easier to maintain etc...
* Optional and configurable synchronisation with node terms via sub-module.
* Rules integration via sub-module.
* Tag aggregation fields available in Views - e.g. tag count, latest tag etc.
* A "Views Pack" sub-module - containing sample/base views.
* Tag "cleaning", synonym replacement, and moderation via Unitag.
* Tag management tab for node authors.
* More comprehensive configuration options.
* A new API although this is subject to change and/or refinement
* One-click tagging
* Live update of the "All Tags" display
* Block caching support and Authenticated User Page Caching!

Project information