This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module aims to extend Drupal Commerce with the Return Merchandise Authorization functionality. It's built on top of the nice Entity API library and using its own Entity Type (CommerceReturn).

Contains one submodule:

  • return: Defines the CommerceReturn entity type

Feature list

  • Exposes a return of goods workflow on customer side.
  • Ability to separate products that can and cannot be returned
  • Ability to specify a return period, after which the ability to create an RMA is not available.
  • Provide an Admin UI to manage customer returns. Admin can remove or add product and change the prices of returned product.
  • Ability to customize the customer reasons on both product and product type levels.

Next steps

  • During the return customer process, give the ability to choose between a refund or product swapping through a drop down list for each product. - done, part of latest version of 7.x-2.x branch
  • Ability to add a note for each product the customer wants to return. - done, part of latest version of 7.x-2.x branch
  • Add a wrapper for Commerce Kickstart 2 in order to match the menu entries overridden (Unfortunately, Kickstart 2 is not using the menu entries exposed by Commerce Vanilla, so a sub module needs to be created for that reason). This wrapper will be later hosted by GitHub - ongoing

Requires Drupal Commerce, Ctools and Entityreference

Version 2.x: Sponsored by Vision & Hope and Commerce Guys, initially developed by goldorak, Maintained by goldorak and GoZ

Version 1.x: Sponsored by Publicis Modem. Developed and sponsored by Commerce Guys. This branch is no longer supported that's why we are looking forward for someone to continue our work.

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