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Exposes a new Views format that extends the default Views table layout but provides the option for a quantity field column. The end user can then enter quantities for any of the items in the list and add them all to cart with a single click.

How is it different from add to cart field type or bulk operations?

The add to cart field type involves the user adding each product with quantity individually, which could take a long time when a user wants to add a large list of products. Bulk operations doesn't allow the specification of a quantity.

Use case: Stationary form

  1. An office purchaser visits a page which is a table display of all pens available at the particular store.
  2. The purchaser specifies they want 5 blue biros, 20 felt tip markers and 3 yellow highlighters simply by entering the values in the text fields.
  3. The purchaser clicks the 'Add to cart' button and all the items are added to the users cart in one go.

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