This module provides means to build one-product fast checkout features without touching a users shopping cart. Still the module heavily reuses the Commerce Cart implementation and as a result NoCart-orders behave almost exactly the same way as regular ones. I.e. the same rules events are fired (e.g. pricing), the same alter hooks get invoked and even the add-to cart field formatter with all its Ajax magic is leveraged by this module.


  1. Change the add-to-cart settings on a product display:
    • Create a product display or edit an existing one.
    • Navigate to the "Manage Display" tab and choose "Add to Cart form" as a formatter for the product reference field name.
    • Enable the "Direct checkout" checkbox, change the Button text and the initial checkout page if appropriate.
    • Save the configuration.
  2. Place the checkout-panes into the "No cart" checkout pages.
    • Navigate to the "Store configuration" and from there to the "Checkout settings" screen.
    • Move all panes from the Checkout, Review and Shipping pages to their No cart counterparts.
    • Save the configuration.

This setup works well for sites using no-cart checkout exclusively. However, if different checkout procedures need to coexist on one site, the Commerce Checkout Multilane module should also be installed.

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