Drupal commerce can be adapted to virtually any use-case. At least as long as the checkout process remains roughly the same within one site. If this is not the case, hook_commerce_checkout_pane_info_alter() provides ways to modify pane order and visibility. However, because that alter-hook does not provide any context (e.g., the current shopping cart order) its usefulness is quite limited when it comes to dynamically rearange panes based on shopping cart contents.

Enter Commerce Checkout Multilane. This module provides means to create additional independent checkout sequences (lanes) with different pane visibility and order. With this module it is possible to, e.g., provide a separate "Express" lane used for one-click checkouts or donations.

Selection of the lane is done through the checkout-lane entity property on the order. The property should be populated using an appropriate reaction rule, e.g., before a new order is saved or when a product is added to the cart.


Detailed documentation is available in the Site Building Guide. API documentation is contained in the source tree.


Due to the architecture of Commerce Checkout, a checkout pane will share its configuration accross each lane. E.g., it is not possible to use the Completion Message pane with different messages in different lanes.

Related Modules

This module is specifically designed to complement Commerce NoCart.

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