This module integrates Drupal Commerce with the Mailchimp API's ECommerce 360 feature for tracking store statistics for email campaigns sent via MailChimp.

Important Note

This module is no longer actively maintained. Please have a look at the module MailChimp E-Commerce for a more current, actively maintained solution for Drupal 7 and 8 to connect Drupal Commerce to MailChimp.

Main Features

eCommerce360 integration

Sends Drupal Commerce order information to MailChimp for campaign tracking and segmenting based on order information

Sign Up during checkout

Adds a conditional, fully configurable 'Sign Up during checkout' subscription pane

MailChimp Merge fields

Allows to use Billing and Shipping information as Tokens for MailChimp Merge fields

Required Modules



This module was originally developed by Hibersh (code) and S1L (documentation). Part of the work was sponsored by the MailChimp Integration Fund.

Project information