This module is now ready for beta testing in the highlighted countries.

This module will assist anyone setting up a store in the EU with configuring their VAT rates. It is especially ideal if the store exports to other EU countries and outside the EU. If the store only ships to its home country it may be to much.

For information inter-state VAT regulations

Version 2

There is no obvious upgrade path from 1.x to 2.x due to the options for configuration. The only limitation is that you will need to set the VAT rate applicable to each product again, this can be done with views bulk operations.

Core Commerce EU VAT

This module provides core functionality and reports for calculating tax returns.

Country Modules

Each EU Member State will have its own module providing tax rate information and rules. In most cases you will only need to enable you home country module. If you sell physical products you might be registered in another country - in which case you can enable a second country.

Country Place of Supply Tax Rates Notes
Austria Dev version Dev version #1816820: Jungholz and Mittelberg
Belgium Yes Yes
Bulgaria Yes Yes
Croatia Yes Yes (2. Branch Only)
Cyprus Yes Yes
Czech Republic Yes Yes
Denmark Yes Yes
Estonia Yes Yes
Finland Dev version Yes #1816768: Exclude the Åland Islands from Finland<
France Yes Dev version #1739914: VAT Country: France
Germany Yes Yes
Greece Dev version Dev version #1816788: Lesbos, Chios, Samos, the Dodecanese and the Cyclades
Hungary Yes Yes
Ireland Yes Yes
Italy Yes Yes
Latvia Yes Yes
Lithuania Yes Yes
Luxembourg Yes Yes
Malta Yes Yes
Netherlands Yes Yes
Poland Yes Yes
Portugal Yes Yes
Romania Yes Yes
Slovakia Yes Yes
Slovenia Yes Yes
Spain Yes Yes
Sweden Yes Yes
United Kingdom Yes Yes
The status of each country in the module.


This module is dependant on the Commerce VAT module and for Reverse Charge procedures the VAT Number module.

Commerce 1.4 is required for #1410990: Allow 0% tax rates to proceed to calculation

Other Useful Modules

Commerce price by components
This gives the admin absolute control over which components should be displayed and which shouldn't.
It also provides two Views handlers to display/hide price components in cart totals and order totals.
Additionally it has basic rules support that gives to the commerce administrators the ability to do conditions using price components such as discounts or taxes and react accordingly.

See Also

The following countries are not part of the EU but implement similar VAT regulations

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