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This module provides an Drupal Commerce payment method for the Portuguese payment gateway CompraFácil .

CompraFácil gateway allows customers to generate their own Multibanco References for each Commerce order. Clients can then pay by debit card, via the ATM network – Multibanco.

Multibanco is an interbank network in Portugal owned and operated by Sociedade Interbancaria de Serviços S.A. (SIBS), that links the ATMs of all the banks in Portugal. The bank members of Multibanco control the SIBS. Multibanco is a fully-integrated interbank network and offers more services than the usually found in other countries, making that one of its most known characteristics. Multibanco in itself does not only encompass ATMs. It has a full-fledged EFTPOS network called Multibanco Automatic Payment, and is also a provider of mobile phone and Internet banking services through the TeleMultibanco and MBNet services respectively.

The Ubercart version is also available:


Um serviço que permite a qualquer pessoa ou entidade aderente utilizar a plataforma CompraFácil de geração de Referências para cobrança de bens e serviços aos seus clientes, por cartão de débito (através da rede Multibanco), de forma simples, rápida e segura.

Também está disponível a versão para Ubercart:

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