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Drupal commerce -

Provides an integration between Drupal commerce version 2 and Iranian Bitpay gateway.

درگاه پرداخت بیت پی برای کامرس دروپال ۸


Step1 :

First install the commerce module:
You can install it by using composer:

composer require drupal/commerce


composer require drupal/commerce:@stable

if you want to use last stable version of Drupal Commerce.

If you use Drupal < 8.3, before running the command above, you must configure your composer.json (in your Drupal 8 root folder) to use Drupal packages as a repository:

composer config repositories.drupal composer
(There is no need for code above in Drupal >= 8.3)

Step 2:

Download the last dev version of module commerce bitpayir and install it.

Please use dev version to have the last changes.

Simplest Installation:

Directly install commerce bitpayir with composer. It will install the module and all of it's dependencies such as commerce and even commerce guys libraries.
Therefore we encourage you just run one command and eat a cup of coffee by:

composer require drupal/commerce_bitpayir:1.x-dev

Special Thanks to Sepehr Sadatifar for his coding efforts on Bitpay gatway for Drupal 7 commerce.

Supporting organizations: 
didn't help at all to develop this module :D

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