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commerce_be2bill implements the payment gateway Be2Bill as a payment method in Drupal Commerce.

The 1.x branch is deprecated and no longer supported. All developments occur on 2.x branch or later.


  • Off site redirection to Be2Bill for entering credit card data.

  • Proper use of SSL/TLS with endpoint validation, something which unfortunately is still lacking in many payment methods for Drupal Commerce.

  • Commerce Card On File support so that you can re-use client card data in a secure manner. No sensitive data is stored on site. It functions via token that is associated to a certain card stored on Be2Bill servers.

  • Authorization and Capture or just Authorization and later capture offering you greater flexibility as a merchant to bill the client just when the products bought are effectively shipped.

  • Refunding of partial or total order values.


After installing the module the configuration is as follows:

  • Login in to your Be2Bill account and configure:

    • The IPN URL of your site, i.e., the URL that Be2Bill will hit in your site once a payment is processed. The module uses the Drupal URL /be2bill/ipn so on your Be2Bill account configuration dashboard you must enter:

      or if your site runs over HTTPS (recommended):

      Replace with your hostname.

    • Configure the return URL, i.e., the URL the client will return to once you enter a card number or if using a stored card via Commerce if relying on 3DSecure for additional validation of the payment by the client. The module use the Drupal URL /be2bill/return which means for you, re-using the above example:

      or if your site runs over HTTPS (recommended):

      Replace with your hostname.

    • Configure the cancel URL, i.e., the URL the client will be redirect to if the wrong card data is entered or the 3DSecure validation code is incorrect. The module uses the Drupal URL /be2bill/cancel so in the dashboard you should enter:

      or if your site runs over HTTPS (recommended):

      Replace with your hostname.

  • On your site configure the module:

    • Enable it at admin/commerce/config/payment-methods.

    • Edit the rule installed by the module.

    • Edit the action Enable payment method: Be2bill.

    • Enter your Be2Bill account username and password.

    • Select the options you're interested in.

    • Save.

    • Done.

In order to use Commerce Card On File to store credit cards on Be2Bill site for later reuse you must install and enable the Commerce Card On File module. Note that by default if the Commerce Card On File module is installed this option is enabled. If that's not the desired situation uncheck the box.


Now you can start charging your clients using Be2Bill as the payment gateway. All the payment details for each order are at:/admin/commerce/orders/<orderID>/payment where <orderID> is the ID of the order as generated by Drupal Commerce.

There show the the operations that are possible for each payment transaction relative to that order.

Authorization and Capture

If you chose Authorization and Capture then the total amount of the order is captured from the client account and it will be transfered to your account after the normal bank transfer delays.

Authorization Only

In this case you get an authorization so that later you can capture de authorized value. Please note that currently it's not possible to do multiple captures after an authorization. So be sure to capture the totality of the value you want after an authorization.


There's a link for refunding next to each payment transaction. You can refund as much as you want and as many times as possible given the total captured amount.


Although this an offsite payment method, i.e., the card details are always filled on the Be2Bill site it's strongly recommended to make the payment process over HTTPS so that a Man in the Middle (MitM) becomes much more difficult than if using HTTP for the payment process.


The module is developed and supported by Commerce Guys with partial sponsoring of Be2Bill.

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