This project integrates Affirm Credit Payment Gateway into the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout systems.

This module requires the following modules:


  • Install as you would normally install a contributed drupal module.
    See: Installing modules (Drupal 7) documentation page for further information.


  • Permissions: There are no specific permissions for this module.
    The Payments permissions are to be used for configurations.
  • Enable the default Affirm Payment method or create a new one of this type.
  • Configure Affirm Payment payment.
  • Edit Enable payment method: Affirm Payment action (settings).
    • Transaction mode: either if a test/development store or a production one.
      Available options: Live transactions in a live account
      and Test transactions in a sandbox account;
    • Private Key: Merchant private key for the payment gateway;
    • Public Key: Merchant public key for the payment gateway;
    • Financial Product Key: Merchant financial product key for the payment gateway;
    • Default credit card transaction type:
      Available options:
      - Authorization and capture
      - Authorization only (requires manual or automated capture after checkout);


  • General considerations:
  • Customer/Checkout workflow:
    This is an Off-Site payment method
    Redirect customer from checkout to the payment service and back.
    • Customer redirected to Affirm where an Affirm account is needed : Sign In or Create Account;
    • After the payment confirmation on Affirm side the Customer will be redirected  back to the store to complete the order checkout.
  • Back-end workflow:
    • Authorization only (requires manual or automated capture after checkout) transaction type:
      Authorization charge call to Affirm.
      On success a charge object is returned to be used for future operation.
      It requires later capturing of the charge returned.
    • Authorization and capture transaction type:
      2 calls to Affirm - one for authorization charge and second for capturing the charge returned.
  • Store Admin workflow: Payment Terminal (Order admin tab)
    • Capture: for Authorization only payments.
    • Void: for Authorization only payments that were not captured.
    • Refund: for the captured payments, partial (multiple) refunds available.

No troubleshooting pending for now.

Developed by Commerce Guys and sponsored by Affirm.

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