This module provides a Drupal Commerce payment method to embed the payment services provided by Adyen. It efficiently integrates payments from various sources such as credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal and also mobile phones.

This modules only supports the Adyen Hosted Payment Pages (HPP) solution and not direct API integration. The module also supports the Adyen manual capture process.


  • 7.x-1.x branch no longer be maintained.
  • 7.x-2.x actively maintained.
  • 7.x-3.x actively maintained.

Version 7.x-2.x is still in development and no guarantees are provided about its functionality. Use in a production environment at your own risk.


  • Enable the module.
  • Clear cache.


To access the configuration UI you must first ensure that the Payment UI (commerce_payment_ui) module is enabled. Then you can go to the following URL:


From this page simply click the Edit link next to Adyen and you will be taken to the config form. From here you can enter your Adyen credentials.

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