This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Makes it possible to alter (change values of) fields on a node when leaving a comment.

This can be used to create a tracker similar to Case Tracker or other support or project management modules.

However, unlike those modules which have the available fields hard-coded, this module allows you to edit any field on a content type and check "Enable altering this field from comments"!

By using only standard Drupal components like Fields and Views, you can construct any variety of full-featured bug trackers, customer support, sales or project management tools.

This is most similar to Comment Driven (for Drupal 6), except (1) it's available for Drupal 7 and (2) it's design is much simpler! Rather than inventing lots of new code and APIs, Comment Alter strives to integrate with other modules (like core's Node module to store the changes as new revisions and Diff module for displaying the changes made in a particular comment).


Besides core modules like comment.module, the only dependency is Diff module.

Module development was sponsored by KYbest.

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