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CPS allows themers and designers to create a simplified pool of ready-made styles for site builders to choose from when laying out their pages. These translate directly to template and class changes in the DOM in a predictable way.

  • Bridges the gap between styles applied to the site regions and styles applied to the content itself... where the "theme" ends and the WYSIWYG editor begins.
  • Builds on the drag-and-drop content layout freedom that Panels provides.
  • Allows editors to apply ready-made styles a themer has whipped up for them — without having to remember class names!


Enable the cps_example module (a sub-module of Classy Panel Styles) and visit the Content section of any Panels page. Change a pane's Style to Classy Panel Styles and choose some values. See the effects in real time!


  • The maintainers: Kendall Totten, Derek DeRaps, and Matt Davis.
  • Jason Smith, for the initial concept and development work.
  • Jeff Diecks, for encouraging us to make this module to happen.
  • Mediacurrent, for funding many of the development hours.
  • Various clients of Mediacurrent, including The Weather Channel, out of whose website development this module grew.
  • Other Mediacurrent developers who contributed to this module in its early stages, including:
    • Damien McKenna,
    • Jay Callicot,
    • Alex McCabe,
    • and more.
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