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This module replaces the default file upload/browser within ckeditor with the media module's file browser. This allows seamless integration with media for all file fields within CKEditor.


  1. Install these modules
  2. Install CKEditor Library
    • Tested with version 4.3 of CKEditor Full source for the CKEditor module (May work with older versions but is not tested). See the CKEditor module for more details.
    • Tested with version 3.6.6 of CKEditor for WYSIWYG. See the WYSIWYG module for more details.
  3. For use with the CKEditor module:
    • Edit the CKEditor Profile (such as admin/config/content/ckeditor/edit/Full)
    • Go to the EDITOR APPEARANCE section.
    • Enable "Plugin for inserting images from Drupal Media module" plugin.
    • Enable "Media Browser for File Upload/Browsing" plugin.
    • Save the profile.
  4. For use with the WYSIWYG module:
    • Edit the Wysiwyg Profiles (such as admin/config/content/wysiwyg/profile/filtered_html/edit)
    • Go to the BUTTONS AND PLUGINS section.
    • Enable the "Media browser" plugin.
    • Enable the new "CKEditor Media Browser" plugin.
    • Save the profile.

That should be it. Now when you click on the image plugin button and browse the server it will present the media browser popup. This is also very useful for adding image fields to CKEditor Widgets.

Supporting organizations: 
Built in-house for internal distribution.

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